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See a report of the demo with more photos on the NOPE website here, and there is also a photo gallery on Demotix. Andrew Simms is policy director of the New Economics Foundation and head of its Climate change programme. He is a leading proponent of the ‘Green new Deal’ having co-authored the groundbreaking Green New Deal report and co-founded the Green New Deal group.

So on that basis you should only require the sensor to connect to your PV panels. Way better systems out there that aren’t subscription based, so cut your losses an put it down to experience. After some time they will ask for payment in order to give you access to the data stored on their web server/site. Bench Space Available in Lewes, East Sussex Full time rental £250 PCM all inclusive.

  • Note too, that poverty prevents talent from coming forward and competing for social share.
  • The degree to which such practices will indeed stimulate a will to see care and share strategies permeate their cultures is unclear.
  • This could have implications for Canada’s tar sands producers since, in general, more greenhouse gas emissions are produced in the extraction and refining of tar sands than in producing and refining conventional oil.
  • He represents a powerful voice on the Left of the Labour party – serving as Chair of the Socialist Campaign Group, the Labour Representation Committee, and the “Public Services Not Private Profit Group”.
  • They go onto discuss how paternal caring influences traits, such as anxiety in offspring, that impact on their survival and how paternal caring influences the epigenetics of their offspring.

Other speakers included trade unionists Billy Hayes, General Secretary of the CWU and Alex Gordon from the RMT, Jenny Jones, GLA member from the Green party, Michael from the Isle of Wight Vestas factory and Phil Thornhill from the Campaign against Climate Change. The highlight of the day was a lively rally at Ed Miliband’s Department of Energy and Climate Change which demonstrated that the fight to save the Vestas wind turbine factory and for green jobs goes on. The rally was organised by the Campaign aginst Climate Change, working with Wandsworth and Battersea Trades Council, with a variety of groups attending including the RMT Union and Workers’ Climate Action.

Right now, many species are in conflict with us because of how we use them for food, experiment on them, even deliberately altering their genes, and driving others to extinction. Whether it be it in parent–child, romantic partners, friendship hierarchies, limefx scam and groups, it is the handling of conflicts of interest and conflicts of desires that is essential for how that relationship works. For example, the way we care for our own children is quite different from how we care for the children of strangers.

Now in its third year, the exhibition continues to go from strength to strength, showcasing high-end work from some of the UK’s most celebrated and visionary independent jewellery designers. This week IJL is set to showcase a set of exclusive ‘Designer Brands’ at its showcase Olympia event. The show will feature a record number of 17 designers within an expanded area of the show, displaying both silver and fine Jewellery. Elite designers from the UK, alongside those from Sweden, Australia and Brazil, will present the very best in fine and contemporary jewellery with the launch of exciting new collections, as well as acclaimed signature pieces. Sam Willoughby, IJL Event Director, commented, “This year’s Designer Brands showcase is a wonderful celebration of the best in creative flair and innovative talent.

The Jewellery Quarter Festival

Many animals may care for their young or others, and ants may carry their injured colleagues back to the nest , but only humans as far as we know have this knowing intentional awareness and can develop deep wisdom of how to be helpful – can develop science and medicine or seek the politics of caring. This is profoundly important because it means that compassion is an intentional desire to bring caring into our relationships, into our world, into our politics, into our businesses, and we can use science and research of how best to do those. Using our new intelligence can change our social discourses and thereby over time change our phenotypes. In addition, priming people with memories of caring others or seeing caring behavior can impact on physiological systems involved with stress and the way people cope with stressful events (Norman et al., 2015).

One is that we can be enticed into behaving harmfully because we are compliant and subservient to authority. In the 1960s, Milgram’s famous experiments enticed people to deliver painful and potentially dangerous shocks in learning experiments. He highlighted the human potential to be compliant and submissive in carrying out orders .

LimeFX cheating

On Tuesday 15th April 2008 the CCC joined forces with Biofuelwatch to protest against the RTFO and the devestating impacts caused by a massive increase in biofuels. The protest, staged outside Downing Street at 6.00 pm, was the largest demonstration yet against biofuels and was widely reported on the day. Speakers at the demo included Ronnie Hall of the Global Forest Coalition, Kenneth Richter of Friends of the Earth, Pete Riley, campaign director of GM Freeze, Andrew Boswell of Biofuelwatch and Phil Thornhill of Campaign against Climate Change. Earlier in the day at 1.00 pm there was a very succesful photo-call and mini-demo outside the Department of Transport. During the following week the Climate Camp made a very great splash in the media, of course, very succesfully highlighting the issue – the insanity of building new coal-fired power stations in the midst of the climate crisis. The CCC had a stall in camp advertsing the December National climate March and Global Day of Action and many CCC members were involved with the camp.

It aims to reduce Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions from road transport by 6% before 2020. It would essentially encourage the use of cleaner and lower-carbon fuels over those with a higher carbon footprint. This could have implications for Canada’s tar sands producers since, in general, more greenhouse gas emissions are produced in the extraction and refining of tar sands than in producing and refining conventional oil. The Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group has published two reports on the potential for “One Million Climate Jobs” to deal both with unemployment and to reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%. This, our fourth conference, will explore how we can continue to fight for these jobs in an era of austerity.

Everyday we have to spend hours in traffic jams and doing things we do not want to do. Some feel so disengaged from the joys of living, sacrificed on the altar of routinized working, that we live in varying states of frustrative, envious and helpless anger, and emotionally dissociated states . Recently, Mark Carney, ex head of the Bank of England gave the 2020 BBC Reith lectures called how we get what we value. His basic premise is that we have increasingly fallen into a world where things are decided on the basis of financial value rather than human value or that which will sustains us. Many of the crises we face, including climate crisis, cannot be solved by market economies focused on financial value. He notes that businesses are now beginning to think about sustainability and also that profit should be ‘with purpose’ not for its own sake.

It is disheartening to see that some brokers use proper regulation to cover up their unethical activities. Fortrade, with its multiple licenses, including those of highly reputable regulatory watchdogs, is a classic example. Since its launch in 2014, the company has expanded into new markets, offering products to both beginner and experienced traders. Fortrade describes itself as a “premier provider of products, services, and platforms for online foreign exchange and CFD trading.” This company also takes pride in developing user-friendly and ultra-modern trading platforms.

News Edit: 4 July 2021

The Spring/Summer ’19 collection held true to the baroque tradition in its ornate, audacious style, substantial yet intricate; but is uplifted by way of unexpected pops of colour in the various stones and crystals used. Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery has won the ‘Independent Retailer of the Year’ gong at the Cambridge News Business Excellence Awards 2017. Leading businesses from across the city recently gathered for a gala dinner in the Great Hall, Kings College where Justin Webb of BBC Radio Four announced the winners. Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery opened the doors of its Green Street Studio and Shop in May 2005, and since then it has grown from strength to strength, winning a multitude of national awards.

The control and hold mind sees competitiveness, mostly with regard to material resources and “the status of wealth,” not status via appreciation and gratitude, or altruistic reputation . Wealth buys access to many privileged positions including opportunities to meet other wealthy elites, to partake of the fineries of life and to make those into an aspiration for the many. Altruism and non-holding of personal wealth as a status marker, that was so central to hunter-gatherers, has been reversed. The other strategy in contexts of low care is a riskier up rank strategy, to really push one’s luck, display confidence , seek power and accumulate resources, foregoing sharing caring strategies. These are linked to certain types of narcissism and psychopathy both of which involve toning down caring and sharing motives . One version links to a sense of entitlement to treat others as a resource, and in the extreme regulate their relationships through fear.

For example, we can talk about caring for our gardens, homes, cars or prized possessions, or our planet, but we do not use the term compassion for that type of caring because these are not sentient and do not experience suffering. Hence, the root of compassion is limefx in the caring motives, textured by our unique minds and awareness of suffering . So, this brings us back to the fact that compassion is the intentional desire to be “sensitive to suffering in self and others with a commitment to try to alleviate and prevent it” .

The Modern Pearl Collection by Margot McKinney

The marchers braved a brief torrential downpour as they proceeded up Whitehall and a letter was handed in to Number 10, by Honorary CCC President George Monbiot and others – including 10 and 4 year old Ross and Ursula Moncrieff . Meanwhile the international demonstrations and events, we already knew, were taking place in over 40 countries – twice as many as last year. And by now we’d had reports that there had been 40, 000 in Sydney, 30, 000 in Melbourne and maybe 90,000 in 20+ locations all round Australia.

  • The problem with all motives, including caring motives, is that they are “energy” expensive and costly.
  • In addition, people are often asked to make decisions on complex questions without any depth of insight.
  • He highlighted the human potential to be compliant and submissive in carrying out orders .
  • Just two days after the election on the evening of Thursday November 4th we held our “Rally for the Planet at the US Election”, which took the form of a ‘Global Funeral March’.

The day kicked off early in Grosvenor Square, outside the US embassy at 11.00 am, with poetry and performance from avariety of artists. Then, as the Square began to fill things really livened up as “Seize the Day” took the stage with their brand of ‘protest-folk’ . Meanwhile the Cycle Protest, starting out from Lincoln’s Inn Fields, had already demonstrated outside the Australian embassy and had also delivered a letter to No 10 Downing street, demanding a Climate Bill, with ANNUAL targets amongst other things. The cyclists arrived – noisily – in the Square, all 600 or so of them, just as our first speaker, Collin Challen MP had started.

Cutting Edge – Contemporary Glass Jewellery Exhibition

But it will also be an opportunity for trade unions to listen to climate scientists and understand what is happening to our weather and our environment. A hugely informative and somewhat unexpected insight came out of the weird weather workshop – Dave Green, Fire Brigades Union national officer for floods, gave us a background into the reality of dealing with the impacts of weird weather as well as the UK Government’s unhelpful bureaucy. The campaign for clean energy by 2030 has also helped strengthen the climate movement in this country, and we will be working with our allies to build on this momentum. One of the events around the country promoting the goal of a Zero Carbon Britain by 2030 .

The new Sourcing Sector in Hall 18 of NEC, Birmingham – the only one of its kind in the UK market and the first of the season in Europe – is designed to remove the hassle of overseas buying trips from the schedules of busy retailers and buying teams. First introduced at Autumn Fair 2019, Sourcing will present trend-driven private label products across a range of categories, including jewellery, accessories, homeware, giftware and fashion. The role Sales Assistant Tustains Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire We are a family run independent retail jeweller with our own on-site workshop.

  • Caring and sharing has a phenotypic profile that is choreographed in caring environments.
  • Today however, we are unable to hunt and gather and are totally dependent on work, the making of objects and things that may have very little personal relevance only to provide money to gain access to resources.
  • Both platforms are available as desktop versions and mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Especially encouraging was the number of eastern European visitors who took the pamphlets and told us about their worries about climate change. At 12.30 we held a lunch-time meeting at Sussex University hosted by their Environment Society. Our speakers were Gareth Dale, a lecturer at Brunel University, and Hanna Thomas, a former Sussex student who now oversees the Otesha Project’s East London Green Jobs Alliance. I chipped-in about the importance of students for the movement, but the best contributions came from two seasoned activists from the Labour Representation Committee who had come up to the university to support the Caravan.

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair – Old Granada Studios, Manchester

We become capable of orientating caring toward medicine, developing anesthetics, antibiotics, ridding the world of smallpox, and extraordinary keyhole surgery. Unfortunately, the same competencies can be used for planning wars, building nuclear weapons and designing new tortures. Tragically when these important brain nutrients of care, compassion, and love are not received, and children are on the receiving end of low warmth, neglect, or abuse, it has devastating impacts on the brain, epigenetics, and subsequent development . The suffering of the Romanian children in orphanages tragically brought home just how important affectionate caring was to the development of the brain (Chugani et al., 2001). In fact, there is now considerable evidence that our basic strategic orientation (particularly on the dimensions of “helping and concern for others” versus “lack of concern for others”) is partly set in our life histories . They go onto discuss how paternal caring influences traits, such as anxiety in offspring, that impact on their survival and how paternal caring influences the epigenetics of their offspring.

h Marzee International Graduate Show

Tea was served, cucumber sandwiches, cake and flapjacks consumed, along with organic apple juice provided by Shane Collins fund raising for the Green Party. Amongst notable events during as the music played was a example of Nick Hutton’s dancing. As part of the National Day of Action on Climate Change, the London group staged the first of what will be monthly events outside the U.S. We had support from a wide spectrum of people from Americans, Japanese, British and even a couple of local police. More names added to the even increasing list of supporters understandable eager for next months party.

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